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Nishime Night!

20130128-184354.jpgHello! Tonight I made Nishime, rice, and black-eyed pea croquettes from The Kind Diet. I thought it turned out delicious.
I made the Nishime by putting an inch of kombu seaweed in a large pot. Next, I layered celery, carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes on top. Then, I added about one inch of water and brought that up to a boil. I covered it and simmered it for about 30 minutes, until the veggies became very tender.
I thought this dish was very comforting. It was really easy to make and you can use whatever vegetables you like or have on hand.


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New Year, New Baby

Ok. I realize that I have been extremely neglectful of my blog and for that I am sorry. But give me a break! I had a baby :) My son was born on Thanksgiving! I am proud to say that it was a 100% natural birth and, in my mind, it was perfect. He was born vegan and completely healthy.
I’m going to be honest. After we came home with baby, I slipped back into non-vegan/vegetarian mode because of access to quick, convenient food. But I realized that the food I was eating was hurting my newborn and myself. Meat and eggs were making me sick and the dairy was making baby sick/colicky.
So, I got my trusty Kind Diet book out and started to make the easiest recipes in big batches. Even though I was exhausted, I knew it was the best solution for everyone. Even if it was just a pot of spaghetti and a side of sautéed kale and mushrooms, it was a hundred times better than an over processed ready meal. Once I started making real food again, instead of food like meals, Baby J stopped his colicky behavior, leaving mommy and daddy in a complete zen like state of mind.
Baby J is now two months old and growing like crazy! He’s almost 12 pound and 24.5 inches long. He is exclusively breastfed and I’m back to 100% vegan. So lets hope I remember my camera when I make things in the kitchen now!