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Crispy Peanut Butter Treats with Chocolate Chips

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This dessert is a total winner in my home! Whenever I tell B I plan on making it, he pesters me until I do….often driving me bonkers in the process.

I love this recipe because it only takes four ingredients and I can prepare it in about fifteen minutes. I always make these in a 9’by13′ baking dish because they are really thick…I can’t imagine what the 8′ by 8′ ones are like!


B told me I should take pics while I’m making these recipes, so I’m going to do my best to follow his advice. First, I heated the brown rice syrup until it liquified. Then, I added the peanut butter and let that melt into the syrup.
Next, I added the syrup concoction to the bowl of brown rice crisp cereal. I use the one with the kola on the box. I have to hide it from A or else she’ll tear into it before I make the treats!

Finally, I added the nondairy chocolate chips. In The Kind Diet, Alicia says that you can use carob chips instead of chocolate chips if you want. Have you ever tried carob chips? I have and let me save you the trouble….they are really gross! Maybe I just got a bad batch, but I thought they tasted like dirty feet smell so I am not a fan. Anyway, you are supposed to wait until the mixture cools before you add the chips, but I always get over zealous at the thought of peanut butter and chocolate and add it in too early. It results in the chips melting and coating the cereal. That’s fine with me because that means there will be chocolate in every bite! Divine. Simply divine. Thank you Kind Diet!



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