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Oatmeal, Walnut, and Dried Plum Cookies

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On Monday, the crazy weather knocked out our power. We had no heat, 40 mph winds, subzero wind chills, and an indoor temperature that was plummeting fast! My power was out for six hours, but my in-laws regained their power after three hours and let us hang out with them until ours came back on. With that in mind, my daughter and I made these cookies from The Kind Diet as a thank you to my wonderful in-laws!


Raisins that look like chocolate chips in cookies are the reason I have trust issues. Have you ever heard this before? There’s nothing more disheartening that biting into a cookie, expecting an explosion of sweet chocolate, only to encounter the chewiness that is unmistakably a raisin. For this reason, I substituted the dried fruit with vegan chocolate chips and I also substituted the walnuts with pecans.

My daughter, A, always gets super excited when she sees me getting ingredients out of the cabinets. She is always my helper. I put her in charge of stirring the dry ingredients and I manage the wet ones.


Mixing it all together is a mommy job, though. This dough is really stiff!


After I scooped the balls of dough onto the cookie sheet, A pressed them down. I think she enjoyed getting to play with the dough!


After nine long minutes in the oven, these babies were finally ready to come out and be placed on a cooling rack. It took a lot of willpower, but A and I managed to wait until Daddy came home before we indulged in these yummy treats! They were also a big hit with my in-laws.



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