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Hot Chocolate

Today felt like a hot chocolate kind of day. Despite spring beginning tomorrow, it’s cold, snowy and windy here. Here are the ingredients I used to make the hot chocolate recipe from The Kind Diett.


Mix everything together in a pot and heat over medium heat until the chocolate chips melt.


My daughter and I both really enjoyed this! We dipped cinnamon graham crackers in it and had some vegan marshmallows as well. This is a perfect drink to have on a chilly winter night.



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Lentil Stew

Tonight felt like a soup and vegan grilled cheese kind of night. So I made lentil stew from The Kind Diet! B brought home some beautiful produce from the store yesterday. I haven’t been able to go to the store since December because of the flu epidemic in the states, so I’m going a little crazy stuck in this house with two kids under four! Thankfully, April marks the end of flu season and I will be able to leave the house with Baby J and A very soon. Anyway, on to the recipe! Here are some of the lovely veggies my hubby brought home last night.


After I chopped all those up, I sautéed them with a few tablespoons of olive oil and half of the seasoning mixture.


Next, you add the broth, water, tomato and lentils.


After simmering for about 30 minutes it was done!


All three of us really enjoyed this stew. The spices were a perfect balance and I added more vegetables than what the original recipe called for, but you can never have too many veggies, right? I love that it made such a big batch and I will probably freeze a container or two so I’ll have a quick fix on hand when life gets kind of crazy. Like that ever happens!

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Coffee Fudge Brownies

Things have been really crazy here! I decided to become a doula and signed up for classes, I’m trying to start a baking goods business on Etsy, baby J has some kind of skin condition (we are going to the dermatologist tomorrow), A is still in the terrible two stage even though she is three, and I think I’m losing my mind! But I made brownies from The Kind Diet!


A was in charge of the dry ingredients and I was in charge of the wet. She pretended to “dig for treasure” and I drank the extra coffee.


Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. We skipped the nuts because we are trying to see if Baby J has an allergy to them.


Pour the batter into a greased 9 by 13 baking dish. The recipe says to use a 8 by 8 or 9 by 9, but when I tried that it “baked” into a liquid goo. It was gross and soupy and we had to go without brownies that day.


After baking for about 30 minutes, these yummy treats came out of my oven. I decided not to make the glaze; I thought that would be too sweet.


A and I loved them. B loved the flavor, but thought that they were too crumbly. Maybe from the brown rice flour? Anyway, this was a delicious dessert. The coffee accentuated the chocolate flavor and made it hard to stop eating. I can see this being one of my go to recipes for when I need a brownie fix or sugar pick me up!