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I made this to put in my doula bag for a pick me up when I have to be in the hospital for long hours with laboring moms. It makes a bunch, which is nice because I can put a jar in my bag for my clients as well.

Here are the ingredients that I used to make this delicious recipe from The Kind Diet

First, you toast the oats for a few minutes. Then you add the oats to the dry ingredients.

Add your wet ingredients.

Put it back in the oven and toast some more!

Pour in a bowl, add some almond milk and enjoy!

Everyone loved this! I poured about half of this into a jar for B to take to work and I’m told that he thoroughly enjoyed munching on this while slaving away in front of his computer. I also shared this with my client and her husband and they both loved it as well. The husband made the comment that “everything I make is so delicious!” Everything he has tried has come from The Kind Diet. Thank you Alicia Silverstone!


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