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Alicia’s Soft Rice Porridge

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After over a year of searching, I finally found umeboshi plums!! I was so excited! This is the first recipe that I have used them in so far. This is from the superhero section of The Kind Diet. I love how this section of recipes from the book is so pure and simple. The ingredients are just leftover rice, water, dried apricots, sunflower seeds and 1/3 of an umeboshi plum. So easy to whip up in the morning, even after waking up every few hours to nurse Baby J the night before.

This was a bit more savory than what I prefer in the morning, but it was nourishing and I did enjoy it. The umeboshi plum had an extremely salty flavor that my taste buds were not prepared for so early in the morning. However, the more I ate, the more I began to enjoy this porridge. I could feel it revitalizing my body and preparing it for the day. I will make this breakfast again, but probably not often…at least not yet. One day I hope to be on Alicia’s total superhero plan, but right now I’m mostly 60/40. Baby steps.



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