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Best Vegan Pancakes I’ve Had So Far


This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.

That’s my husband shoveling a tunnel into his work shop. We got 19 inches of snow and the wind chill was -40! I feel like I need to ride a Tauntaun to get somewhere. It’s like Hoth out there! (The ice planet from Star Wars.)

Anyway, I though to myself, “Self, this is a pancake morning if I ever saw one.” I usually make a batch of pancakes from Skinny Bitch In The Kitchen, but I decided to try the pancake recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance and was pleasantly surprised. My husband, B, the pickiest of my eaters, told me that these pancakes tasted and felt like non-vegan pancakes. Huzzah!! After years of hearing him whine and complain about how my “weird vegan pancakes” will never compare to the buttermilk pancakes his mother raised him on, I finally found one that he likes! I added in some vegan chocolate chips and fried up some yummy Tofurkey tempeh bacon. I was the only one who enjoyed the bacon, but everyone loved the delicious pancakes!



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