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The Captain’s French Toast

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My husband B went through all of my new cookbooks and marked all of the recipes that he wanted me to make for us. I thought this one sounded good because it uses crushed up Captain Crunch cereal and it claimed to be “fast and easy.”

The night before I put most of the box of cereal into a food processor and pushed pulse until it resembled flour. It smelled like my childhood!

The next morning I assembled the rest of the ingredients. The batter was thick and gloppy, even after adding extra soy milk to try and thin it out a bit. I ended up having to spread it on with a spoon and my fingers. It was really sticky and made it difficult to go from putting the batter on the bread, to putting the bread in the pan, then back to a new piece of bread.

This was a real pain in the ass to make! The authors of this book need to stop, drop, and roll because their pants are on fire (for saying this recipe was fast and easy). It was really stressful for me because I had two grumpy and vocal children wanting breakfast fast and a husband who is not a morning person. I hate cooking things that make me this stressed out, so I probably won’t make this recipe again…even though it was pretty tasty. Three out of the four of us enjoyed this recipe from Home Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods. I think it was a little too sweet for Baby J.

I had forgotten how sweet captain crunch is! However, I think it was a perfect match for a cup of coffee…but then again, isn’t everything?


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