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Bacon and Lentil Pot O Stew

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This is another recipe from Home Cooked Vegan Comfort Food. I really like this cookbook so far! Anyway, I tend to gravitate towards stews and soups during the winter months, and where I live it’s winter 7-8 months out of the year. B always gets excited at the mention of the word “bacon,” so of course he marked this recipe with a neon green post-it to let me know he wanted me to make this stew.

This recipe was very easy to make. Chop your veggies, make your lentils, grab your fake bacon bits, mix them together and you have created delicious stew! We all enjoyed this dish very much. B added in more fake bacon, J only ate the veggies, and A and myself enjoyed the stew without any add-ins. This was a very filling meal and it made the house smell really yummy while it was simmering away on the stove.



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