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Chick’ N’ Waffles Party

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When my husband came home from work last night I didn’t have dinner prepared like a good little housewife. Instead, the kids had kept me busy all day and the hours just got away from me. I needed something that I could throw together fast! Something tasty and, of course, vegan. I turned to my ever growing library of cook books and found this vegan take on a soul food classic.
This is another recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods. It’s extremely easy to prepare because you really only need to make the waffles. I found these vegan “chicken” patties at Kroger and they are amazing! The texture is so close to the real thing that I had to grab the package and reread the ingredients to make sure it didn’t contain meat.

While the patties baked in the oven I prepared the waffles. When they were both done I stacked a patty on top of a waffle and poured maple syrup all over it!!

It was an unbelievably delicious combination! The sweetness from the maple syrup paired very well with the saltiness from the chicken patty. The waffle was soft and chewy and you got a little crunch from the patty. It was such a wonderful way to end a stressful day. I will have to make these again soon.


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