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Slow Cooker Russian “Chicken”

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Oh, how I love the ease of using a glorious slow cooker to prepare dinner! Throw everything into a pot, forget about it, and after a few hours dinner is ready. This is a recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods and you get to make your own, wait for it, seitan! No, not the devil! Seitan, you know, wheat meat. I bet you’re drooling now.

First, I gathered all of my ingredients for the broth of this dish. Mix it up.

Pour the broth into the slow cooker.

Next, gather your ingredients for the home-made seitan.

Mix together the dry ingredients.

Then mix together the wet ingredients and add those to the dry. Mix together and knead it a few times. It should be kind of firm and elastic in consistency.


Let the seitan rest for about 20 minutes so the gluten can develop. Then, divide into six equal pieces and try to flatten them out as much as possible. Place the pieces into the slow cooker in a single layer and allow to fester, I mean, cook for about three hours.

I served this recipe with rice and steamed broccoli, just like the cookbook recommend.

I’m very devastated to report that this dish was such an epic fail. The flavor from the broth was weird and strangely artificial, I’m guessing from the vegan mayo. The seitan itself had a doughy consistency and didn’t remind me at all of chicken. I have eaten seitan that has made me joyful and proud to be a vegan. This seitan, was nothing like that. My husband, bless him, tried it but did not want another bite. My daughter,A, licked it and wouldn’t eat it. I ate it because by God someone was going to and Baby J loved it. I’m shocked too. He ate all the little pieces I have him and asked for more. He is so my son, my little vegan baby.

Anyway, I will never make this meal again. It was absolutely horrible….I’m even considering ripping out this page in the book so I won’t be tempted to recreate this dish ever again.


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