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Orange Setain Stew

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I know I’ve said this before, but winter is the perfect time for soups and stews. This one appealed to me because it is a slow cooking stew. It is another recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods and honestly, my faith in this cookbook is a little rocky from the last attempted recipe that absolutely mutilated my taste buds and completely shot my pride. See my last post. Anyway, I spayed a little Bactine on my wounded pride, because it burns less than alcohol, and went to the fridge to gather my ingredients.

Chop up your veggies and place in a heated pot.

Measure out your seasoning.

Chop your roasted red peppers.

Add both to the pot.

Mix together the broth.

Add to the pot.

Allow to summer for about 60 minutes, then add seitan, I used tofu, to the pot. Allow to cook for another 20 minutes.

Ladle into a bowl and serve!

This soup was very delicious! A, B, and myself really enjoyed it, but Baby J enjoyed it more than any of us. He ate four helpings! This soup was still fantastic reheated up the next day. It made the house smell wonderful and left us full and satisfied. This is definitely a recipe that I will make again.


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