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Earlier this year I promised to post at least once a week and for that last three(?) weeks I have failed you! Let me explain.
February 21 my husband was coming home from a business trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when he was in a sixteen car pile up. He and four of his coworkers were slowing down because of white out conditions when they rear ended a semi. My husband was ok and climbed out of the window and tried to help his coworkers out of the van. Then another semi hit the van. The van hit my husband and sent him flying! He was able to get up and find somewhere safe to wait for help. Someone had a phone and he told them to call his mom, he couldn’t remember my cell number, and tell her what happened and that he was ok. She told me and I spent three hours trying to find him in the hospitals that were 8 hours away from me.

My father-in-law and I drove up through the night to get to him. We took several detours, drove through blizzard conditions and barely made it across the bridge (it had been closed most of the day). What should have taken about 8 hours took us 12 hours, but we made it to him. I am so thankful that he is ok!

Here is a picture of the van.
On top of that, Baby J’s eczema is still giving him trouble. I have to hold him most of the time to keep him from scratching and he still won’t sleep by himself. My anxiety level is through the roof and my OCD has become too much for me to handle. What can you do? I just breathe deep and try to find my calm. I’ve been feeding my family meals that I made and froze last year so I haven’t really been baking or cooking. Hopefully things calm down and I can get back in the kitchen and do some zen baking.


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