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The Lunch Room

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Last Saturday, B and I went to a hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit one of his coworkers that was in the accident with him. Before we went to the hospital, we stopped for lunch at a hip little restaurant beside the farmers market called The Lunch Room. It was so awesome because it was a vegan restaurant!! We don’t have any vegan or vegetarian restaurants in our town, so this was really thrilling to me. Everyone was super friendly and the food was delicious.

I got the Mac and Cheese. They used puréed squash instead of cheese and it was very filling and satisfying.

B had a BBQ sandwich that looked really yummy. He said that it was really good, but he wished that his meal would have come with more food.

This was a really cute spot to get a bite to eat in Ann Arbor. The food was a little expensive, but it was a nice little treat. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.


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