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Cherry Almond Cupcakes

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This is a lovely recipe from Skinny Bitch Bakery. The cupcakes take about five minutes longer than what the author recommends in the recipe and it made 15 cupcakes instead of 12, but I had more cupcakes so I didn’t mind.

I baked these and then went for a walk, because it’s finally spring and 40 degrees is a heat wave! After they cooled down, I frosted and my daughter was in charge of putting the cherries on top. I’m really surprised that she didn’t eat all of the cherries before we could get the cupcakes decorated. We had so much fun together!

The cupcakes we delicious! They were moist and a little crumbly. The frosting wasn’t too sweet and when you got a bite with a cherry it was perfection! Great job Skinny Bitch! You made another vegan recipe that my family enjoys.


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