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Seitan and Veggie Mochi Melt

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This is the first recipe from The Kind Mama that I prepared and I was so excited that I was down right giddy! I usually look through my well-loved copy of The Kind Diet at least once a day for meal ideas. Now that I have two “kind” books I have even more ideas! Anyway, I was thrilled to try this new recipe from my guru, Alicia Silverstone. It was quite simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

The seitan gave the meal a nice meaty texture and the Mochi was warm and gooey. The veggies I used were very sweet and the ume vinegar and shoyu gave it a hint of salt. Overall this was a fabulous dish and I cannot wait to cook my way through this book the way I did her other one.



One thought on “Seitan and Veggie Mochi Melt

  1. looks nice and healthy, need to try some :D

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