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Brownies from Babycakes

My husband recently got me the cookbook Babycakes. It is a cookbook that Alicia Silverstone recommend in her book The Kind Diet. I made the gingerbread yesterday and I was not impressed. But today I made the brownies and shut the front door are they good! The are jaw-dropping, plate-licking good. They are rich and fluffy and everything I want in a brownie. You have to try this! I had no idea that gluten free could be so delicious.



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Seva in Ann Arbor, MI

A while back my husband and I went to a great vegetarian restaurant called Seva. It is in Ann Arbor, MI and reasonably close to my favorite place, Whole Foods. I had the Cilantro-Peanut stir fry and my hubby got the pad Thai. Both dishes were extremely delicious and mine was even vegan! I love Ann Arbor because I feel as though I can go there and not be a pariah because I’m vegan. I took pics but I think my hubby exported them off of my phone, so I’m sorry for no snap shots.

We went to this restaurant again with my hubby’s aunt and I got sandwich. I wasn’t very impressed this time:( the next time we go I’ll have to get the stir fry again because that was delicious.