The Great Vegan Adventure

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This is a recipe from the superhero section of The Kind Diet. To me, these are glumkis. They are cabbage leaves stuffed with yummy rice and veggies and they are fantastic. They were a real pain to make, so it will be a while before I make them again, but they were tasty. The leaves kept splitting on me when I tried to peel them off of the head of cabbage. My husband told me, after I was done making them, that if you cut the bottom of the cabbage off, the leaves peel off easy. I will definitely try that next time.




Radicchio Pizza

This is a recipe from The Kind Diet. I have mixed emotions with this dish. I love pizza, but radicchio is so bitter! I made this once before over a year ago, right after I had my second baby. I had forgotten what a bitter taste it left in your mouth. I don’t think I will make this again, but I might.


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Fat Fried Noodles

This was the second dish I made from The Kind Mama and it was fantastic! The flavor reminded me of my favorite Chinese dish, lo mien noodles. I used soba instead of udon and I added a few different veggies. The results were delicious! I highly recommend this dish and I plan on making this at least once a week for a while.


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Seitan and Veggie Mochi Melt

This is the first recipe from The Kind Mama that I prepared and I was so excited that I was down right giddy! I usually look through my well-loved copy of The Kind Diet at least once a day for meal ideas. Now that I have two “kind” books I have even more ideas! Anyway, I was thrilled to try this new recipe from my guru, Alicia Silverstone. It was quite simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

The seitan gave the meal a nice meaty texture and the Mochi was warm and gooey. The veggies I used were very sweet and the ume vinegar and shoyu gave it a hint of salt. Overall this was a fabulous dish and I cannot wait to cook my way through this book the way I did her other one.


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Vegan Cassoulet

This is a recipe from Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook. It smells amazing as you prepare it because of the lovely herbs in it, tarragon and thyme. Whenever I cook this dish I feel warm and cozy.

It’s very easy to prepare, but a little time consuming. First you have to sauté the veggies. Then, add the beans, herbs, panko and vegetable broth and simmer for about half an hour. Then bake for another half an hour. Add more panko and vegan butter, then bake another 15 minutes.

Everything about this dish was comforting to me. The beans were creamy, the panko added a little crunch and the flavor made you feel like someone was hugging you. I truly enjoyed this dish and I will definitely make it again for my family.

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Chili sin Carne al Mole

Chocolate in chili for dinner?! This sounded awesome! It is a recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance and it sounded like the perfect dish to prepare after a morning of ballet practice and a stressful afternoon full of birthday party chaos for A’s friend’s fifth birthday.
This seemed innocent enough, beans, onion, bell pepper, spices and cocoa powder. Simmer for about 30 minutes and allow to sit for 20 minutes.

I served this will a little dollop of vegan sour cream.

No one liked this. When I ate the first spoonful, my stomach lurched and I almost vomited. It was runnier than normal chili, more like a soup. I could taste some of the cocoa, but it just wasn’t working for me. I’m not sure why I hated this so much. I love chocolate…I love chili….so, shouldn’t I love them together? Apparently not. I couldn’t get anyone else to eat this either. Even Baby J who is usually my main supporter and will eat anything I make wanted no part in this one. Oh, well. Mark this one off as “Nope.”

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Orange Setain Stew

I know I’ve said this before, but winter is the perfect time for soups and stews. This one appealed to me because it is a slow cooking stew. It is another recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods and honestly, my faith in this cookbook is a little rocky from the last attempted recipe that absolutely mutilated my taste buds and completely shot my pride. See my last post. Anyway, I spayed a little Bactine on my wounded pride, because it burns less than alcohol, and went to the fridge to gather my ingredients.

Chop up your veggies and place in a heated pot.

Measure out your seasoning.

Chop your roasted red peppers.

Add both to the pot.

Mix together the broth.

Add to the pot.

Allow to summer for about 60 minutes, then add seitan, I used tofu, to the pot. Allow to cook for another 20 minutes.

Ladle into a bowl and serve!

This soup was very delicious! A, B, and myself really enjoyed it, but Baby J enjoyed it more than any of us. He ate four helpings! This soup was still fantastic reheated up the next day. It made the house smell wonderful and left us full and satisfied. This is definitely a recipe that I will make again.

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Slow Cooker Russian “Chicken”

Oh, how I love the ease of using a glorious slow cooker to prepare dinner! Throw everything into a pot, forget about it, and after a few hours dinner is ready. This is a recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods and you get to make your own, wait for it, seitan! No, not the devil! Seitan, you know, wheat meat. I bet you’re drooling now.

First, I gathered all of my ingredients for the broth of this dish. Mix it up.

Pour the broth into the slow cooker.

Next, gather your ingredients for the home-made seitan.

Mix together the dry ingredients.

Then mix together the wet ingredients and add those to the dry. Mix together and knead it a few times. It should be kind of firm and elastic in consistency.


Let the seitan rest for about 20 minutes so the gluten can develop. Then, divide into six equal pieces and try to flatten them out as much as possible. Place the pieces into the slow cooker in a single layer and allow to fester, I mean, cook for about three hours.

I served this recipe with rice and steamed broccoli, just like the cookbook recommend.

I’m very devastated to report that this dish was such an epic fail. The flavor from the broth was weird and strangely artificial, I’m guessing from the vegan mayo. The seitan itself had a doughy consistency and didn’t remind me at all of chicken. I have eaten seitan that has made me joyful and proud to be a vegan. This seitan, was nothing like that. My husband, bless him, tried it but did not want another bite. My daughter,A, licked it and wouldn’t eat it. I ate it because by God someone was going to and Baby J loved it. I’m shocked too. He ate all the little pieces I have him and asked for more. He is so my son, my little vegan baby.

Anyway, I will never make this meal again. It was absolutely horrible….I’m even considering ripping out this page in the book so I won’t be tempted to recreate this dish ever again.

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Chick’ N’ Waffles Party

When my husband came home from work last night I didn’t have dinner prepared like a good little housewife. Instead, the kids had kept me busy all day and the hours just got away from me. I needed something that I could throw together fast! Something tasty and, of course, vegan. I turned to my ever growing library of cook books and found this vegan take on a soul food classic.
This is another recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods. It’s extremely easy to prepare because you really only need to make the waffles. I found these vegan “chicken” patties at Kroger and they are amazing! The texture is so close to the real thing that I had to grab the package and reread the ingredients to make sure it didn’t contain meat.

While the patties baked in the oven I prepared the waffles. When they were both done I stacked a patty on top of a waffle and poured maple syrup all over it!!

It was an unbelievably delicious combination! The sweetness from the maple syrup paired very well with the saltiness from the chicken patty. The waffle was soft and chewy and you got a little crunch from the patty. It was such a wonderful way to end a stressful day. I will have to make these again soon.

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Smoky Mac and Cheese

I’m always very skeptical when I see a vegan Mac and “cheese” recipe. I’ve made a few vegan versions of this dish and no one ever enjoys it or says “Thank you.” I usually just get dirty looks at the table and end up throwing the concoction away. But I saw this recipe in The Vegan Slow Cooker and thought “why not?” And the picture made the dish look really appetizing.

I liked that this recipe only had a few ingredients.

Add everything to the slow cooker and cook on high for a hour and a half.

I didn’t expect the Dayia cheese to melt as well as it did! I was really excited because it looked like non-vegan mac and cheese and it looked just like the picture in the cook book! I’m always thrilled when it looks just like the picture! Victory for me!

We added some bacon bits, because everything is better with bacon. The first few bites were really good, but the more we ate of the dish, the more we didn’t want to. It was a very heavy meal, and the over processed vegan cheese started to make us gag after a while. I think this would be better suited as a side dish as opposed to a main entree. I’m not sure if I’ll make this again, if I do I think I’ll add some veggies to it so it has more flavors to enjoy.