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Pear and Cardamom French Toast Casserole

This is a recipe from The Vegan Slow Cooker. Slow cookers are a marvelous thing, aren’t they? This dish was very easy to prepare. Cube a loaf of stale bread, cut up some pears, add spices and milk, and cook for an hour and a half.

This dish was ok…maybe a 2.5 or 3 out of 5 rating at best. Baby J loved it, probably because it was mushy and sweet from the pears. The rest of us ate it, but I’m not rushing to make it again anytime soon.


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Slow Cooker Russian “Chicken”

Oh, how I love the ease of using a glorious slow cooker to prepare dinner! Throw everything into a pot, forget about it, and after a few hours dinner is ready. This is a recipe from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Foods and you get to make your own, wait for it, seitan! No, not the devil! Seitan, you know, wheat meat. I bet you’re drooling now.

First, I gathered all of my ingredients for the broth of this dish. Mix it up.

Pour the broth into the slow cooker.

Next, gather your ingredients for the home-made seitan.

Mix together the dry ingredients.

Then mix together the wet ingredients and add those to the dry. Mix together and knead it a few times. It should be kind of firm and elastic in consistency.


Let the seitan rest for about 20 minutes so the gluten can develop. Then, divide into six equal pieces and try to flatten them out as much as possible. Place the pieces into the slow cooker in a single layer and allow to fester, I mean, cook for about three hours.

I served this recipe with rice and steamed broccoli, just like the cookbook recommend.

I’m very devastated to report that this dish was such an epic fail. The flavor from the broth was weird and strangely artificial, I’m guessing from the vegan mayo. The seitan itself had a doughy consistency and didn’t remind me at all of chicken. I have eaten seitan that has made me joyful and proud to be a vegan. This seitan, was nothing like that. My husband, bless him, tried it but did not want another bite. My daughter,A, licked it and wouldn’t eat it. I ate it because by God someone was going to and Baby J loved it. I’m shocked too. He ate all the little pieces I have him and asked for more. He is so my son, my little vegan baby.

Anyway, I will never make this meal again. It was absolutely horrible….I’m even considering ripping out this page in the book so I won’t be tempted to recreate this dish ever again.

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Be-My-Valentine Chocolate Oatmeal

Good morning to me! This is,yet another, recipe from The Vegan Slow Cooker. I love the thought of chocolate for breakfast. When I was growing up, I always had some kind of chocolate cereal for breakfast, Count Chocoula was my favorite. But, now that I’m an adult, I feel as though I should be a role model and prepare healthy meals so my kids learn healthy habits to last them a lifetime. What? Oatmeal is totally healthy!

This recipe is really easy to throw together. Mix everything together and and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

In the morning, you get to wake up to oatmeal, glorious chocolate oatmeal. You will need to add sugar to this recipe. When I asked B if it needed sugar, his reply was, “Yes, all of it.” A tablespoon was the perfect amount for me. I loved this oatmeal so much! It was warm and calming and reminded me of chocolate pudding. The rest of the family was not too crazy about this dish, but I really enjoyed it and I plan to make it again. Even if it is just for myself.


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Smoky Mac and Cheese

I’m always very skeptical when I see a vegan Mac and “cheese” recipe. I’ve made a few vegan versions of this dish and no one ever enjoys it or says “Thank you.” I usually just get dirty looks at the table and end up throwing the concoction away. But I saw this recipe in The Vegan Slow Cooker and thought “why not?” And the picture made the dish look really appetizing.

I liked that this recipe only had a few ingredients.

Add everything to the slow cooker and cook on high for a hour and a half.

I didn’t expect the Dayia cheese to melt as well as it did! I was really excited because it looked like non-vegan mac and cheese and it looked just like the picture in the cook book! I’m always thrilled when it looks just like the picture! Victory for me!

We added some bacon bits, because everything is better with bacon. The first few bites were really good, but the more we ate of the dish, the more we didn’t want to. It was a very heavy meal, and the over processed vegan cheese started to make us gag after a while. I think this would be better suited as a side dish as opposed to a main entree. I’m not sure if I’ll make this again, if I do I think I’ll add some veggies to it so it has more flavors to enjoy.

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Creamy Butternut Squash Risotto

This is another recipe from The Vegan Slow Cooker. I have always been very intimidated by risotto because it seems to be quite labor intensive, standing in front of the stove, frequently stirring it, adding water, don’t let it get too hot too fast, make sure to get it hot enough at the right time so the rice will cook,etc. It just always seemed to be too much work for me…but, I have always wanted to try it. So, when I saw this recipe in my slow cooker cook book I couldn’t wait to try it! I have a lot of canned pumpkin on hand, so I substituted it in place of butternut squash.

This was so easy! Add everything to the slow cooker and cook on high for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. Make sure to stir every 30 minutes.

I always line my slow cookers with Renyold’s slow cooker bags and it makes clean up insanely easy. I just love it.

I was really disappointed by the way this dish turned out. The flavor was ok, very savory, which neither of my kids liked. For whatever reason the rice was really gritty. Is Arborio rice supposed to be like that? I’ve never cooked with it before. I hate throwing away food, but I just couldn’t make myself eat this dish and B outright refused to eat it. It was a good try, but I don’t think I’ll be making this recipe again.

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Easy Veggie Chickpea Biryani

I made this dish from The Vegan Slow Cooker on a Sunday as my mother-in-law was taking A out the door to church. Sunday is A’s “Grandma Day,” so my MIL picks her up in the morning, takes her to church, takes A back to her house, feeds her, then brings her home for dinner. Sounds like I have a lot if free time on Sundays, right? Nope! I still have one adventurous toddler with a thirst for thrills and danger. So, I say to The Vegan Slow Cooker, bring on the slow cooker recipes!

The entire family loved this, which is extremely rare. The aroma that filled my house while this was cooking transported me to an exotic land of delicious wonder. I loved the flavors of the cumin and ginger with the chickpeas and sweet potatoes. And when you got a bite with some of the rice?! Amazing! This was a very filling and satisfying meal, especially on a cold winter’s day. The next time I’m in need of a flavorful pick me up, this is the recipe I’m going to make.

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Slow Cooker Banana Bread

This is a recipe from The Vegan Slow Cooker. Banana bread in a slow cooker? Heck yes! This sounded super easy and fast….so I thought.

It started out easy enough, grab all your ingredients.

Then mix your ingredients together.


Pour the batter into a greased loaf pan and put it in the slow cooker.

Place a wooden spoon in place to allow heat to escape and not allow condensation to form on the lid.

This was supposed to only take a few hours, but after four hours, the bread still wasn’t cooked all the way through. It was also a complete mess!

I made this bread in a loaf pan instead of the slow cooker because I wanted to keep my slow cooker clean, but the batter overflowed the loaf pan and made a big mess of both the loaf pan and the slow cooker.

The flavor of this banana bread was ok, but the texture was way off. It was everything that a non-vegan would expect vegan food to be like. It was gummy and kind of gross to eat. I was really disappointed with this recipe. I really wanted a bread that I could throw in the slow cooker and would come out delicious and perfect. However, I guess I will just have to continue that vegan quest because this was not the bread I was looking for.